What never ceases to amaze it how the libs get up in arms, and get their panties in a wad about Bush but continually give their "boy", Obama, a "free pass"

Friday, January 6, 2012

This Bunch of Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are By Far the Worst Lineup of Candidates Yet.

Sorry to say it my friends, but I have to be brutally honest. This is by far the worse bunch of blundering fools  I have ever seen. I say this not because I think they are bad people...just stupid people. This group of misfits are proving themselves unfit to run the country.
We are looking to get rid of the worse man that has ever set foot into the Oval Office and it should have been a Slam Dunk.  So what has happened?
We offered the voters a group that makes the Keystone Kops look good.
Where should I begin,
You might remember Newt Gingrich, the guy who called Mitt Romney a liar, wow what a way to promote yourself and what if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee?  Newt has given the Democrats a talking point to use in their campaign against us.
And then there was Herman Cain, the one-time Republican frontrunner the guy you totally forgot about, the guy who couldn’t keep his mind out of the gutter.
And of course Ron Paul America's Biggest Loser.  The man who could play the part of Alfred E. Neuman's life's story in the movie Dumb and Dumber.

I think we are turning the election into a Slam Dunk for Obama.. Poor us. It looks like 2012 will be business as usual.

If Obama gets re-elected  we can look for him to destroy America and put us in debt for the next 50 years. And look for him to  continue to expand the wars in the Mid-East, between vacations..


  1. Since the beginning of time we have always eaten our own.

  2. Dick Morris is reporting a 26% drop since 2006 in people claiming affiliation as Democrats. Another report by Human Events saying his fund raising is missing targets (and we should immediately make a contribution to Human Events).

    He is vulnerable. The GOP offers up the biggest group of limp dicks possible. RINO to the core.
    Thank you, I'll stay a Blue Dog Democrat.

  3. Woodsterman, you got something there.

    Well Seasoned Fool, that's very interesting, I hope to see that number climb.

  4. Any one of these clowns is an improvement on the #Occupier of the White House. At least there is some certainty that the love the country.

  5. I hate the idea of having to vote for Mittens, but he is a damn sight better than the Joker. We just need to make sure his supporting cast in the House and Senate have enough backbone to not let him squish us down the road to ruin.


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