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Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama says, : "We need a new, leaner military"

By Craig Whitlock and Greg Jaffe,
The U.S. military will steadily shrink the Army and Marine Corps, reduce forces in Europe and probably make further cuts to the nation’s nuclear arsenal, the Obama administration said Thursday in a preview of how it intends to reshape the armed forces after a decade of war. The downsizing of the Pentagon, prompted by the country’s dire fiscal problems, means that the military will depend more on coalitions with allies and avoid the large-scale counterinsurgency and nation-building operations that have marked the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Instead, the Pentagon will invest more heavily in Special Operations forces, which have a smaller footprint and require less money than conventional units, as well as drone aircraft and cybersecurity, defense officials said. The military will also shift its focus to Asia to counter China’s rising influence and North Korea’s unpredictability. Despite the end of the Iraq war, administration officials said they would keep a large presence in the Middle East, where tensions with Iran are worsening.
The strategy review was unveiled by President Obama in a rare visit to the Pentagon, where he was flanked by Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, the Joint Chiefs and other officials who sought to project an image of undiminished military power even as they gird for an era of austerity that will necessitate a more restrained use of military force and more modest foreign policy goals.
“Yes, our military will be leaner, but the world must know the United States is going to maintain our military superiority with armed forces that are agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats,” Obama said.  Obama and Pentagon leaders said their new military strategy, contained in an eight-page document, will guide wrenching decisions on defense cutbacks. Details will be made public in the next few weeks as the White House finalizes its proposed federal budget for the next fiscal year.
In a deficit-reduction deal reached with Congress in August, the White House agreed to cut projected defense spending over the next 10 years by about $480 billion, or about 8 percent of what the Pentagon had planned on.

That's our Zippo, take money that we needed for our defense forces and use it to buy votes and take vacations!


  1. Cutting the military won't mean a pinch of $hit since "entitlements" is now the lion's share of the budget.

    But that was intentional and the #Occupier of the White House wants to buy votes with it. Just wait until the Executive Order for Mortgage Forgiveness shows up later this year.

    "Folks are hurtin'. Since Republicans in Congress only want tax breaks for the rich, I have to do what I can for the workin' folks like you. So I have ordered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive the mortgages of all you folks out there who are under water."

    Play by the rules, pay your bills, get "stump broke".

  2. The budget cuts include cost reductions achieved by troop reductions after the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascoes and a realization that we aren't going to pull that nonsense again any time soon.
    So they amount to little. Just Kabuki for Rollo.

    Got it Potato Head?


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