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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ass Holes!

Now go ahead and call me a Racist!

Beyonce, and Jay-Z  Takes over the Hospital and  Prevents Man From Seeing Newborns in Hospital.

 Over the weekend (Jan. 7), the music industry's ultimate power couple welcomed their first child, Blue Ivy Carter. But not everybody is over the moon about Beyonce and Jay-Z's new bundle of joy. One Brooklyn man is fuming over Bey and Jay's presence at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital and insists that the celeb couple's security denied him access to visit his premature newborn twins and wife in the intensive care unit.

Now, Neil Coulon is demanding an apology from the world's favorite music couple, whose presence at the hospital seems to be having a disruptive effect. Allegedly, Bey and Jay's bodyguards upset multiple New Yorkers by keeping new parents and their relatives out of the wards, waiting rooms and even hallways in order to protect Beyonce and Jay-Z's privacy.

Coulon told New York Daily News "Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday -- just because they wanted to use the hallway." The father continued, "They should have been more strategic about it. These are children with problems in intensive care and you're just going to take over the hospital like you own it? "All I want is an apology."

This is just astounding disgusting. He should have called the police and had the situation resolved. "Body guards" for Beyonce and Jay-Z shouldn't have been able to deny anyone access. They are not staff at the hospital and they do not have the authority to deny someone access to the hospital. These celebrities expect special treatment from everyone and it's disgusting.



  1. I would have called the police the first time.

  2. If they wanted their privacy to the point of closing down sections of the hospital, they should have had the child at a private location and paid through the nose for equipment and staff. The hospital is a public place and the cops should have told there jackass "bodyguards" to kiss there ass and move on.

  3. & I was also reading that Jay-Z had a special bulletproof glass window installed for Beyonce's room and I'm like shouldn't this be a hospital staff decision? What are they gods?

  4. Sadly very typical. This is no longer a Republic. Our new "royalty" gets perks the old guard in Europe never dreamed of.

  5. Infidel de Manahatta said.

    "Sadly very typical. This is no longer a Republic. Our new "royalty" gets perks the old guard in Europe never dreamed of."

    If your a liberal celebrity, you get away with murder.


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