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Monday, December 12, 2011

Jane Foda, Hero of the Left and other Freaken Traitors

She is a staunch Democrat known for her political activism, if not her amazing figure and acting career.
But Jane Fonda didn't hold back during a CNN interview on Friday after she asked about her opinion of the Republican presidential candidates.
The 73-year-old, who starred in Barbarella and Coming Home, was asked by Piers Morgan to comment on the intellectual capacity of the GOP candidates.
She replied: 'They all scare me frankly. I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates.

'I'm worried about anybody getting elected to office who says we have to do away with or privatize social security, we have to reduce medical health insurance, we have to not raise taxes.
'And, oh, there's no problem with the environment, this is all made up by the left, the scientists don't really know what they're talking about - this worries me.'
The Hollywood star also spoke of her hopes that President Barack Obama would be reelected for a second term.

She told CNN: 'I wish that he would be stronger. I think he will be in his second term.'I think he's going to be reelected. I think he's a good man, but I wish that he was tougher on the issues that I care about and that a lot of people care about.'

Thanks to Knuckledraggin.
There's a whole bunch of Vets here, many of which served in Vietnam and we have a helluva lot more time in the service than your 23 years. We hate Fonda and what she did.
May she rot in hell.  


  1. Preach to the choir brother, preach to the choir.

  2. Well Seasoned Fool How did I know that You would agree with me? Because you are as smart as I am.......

  3. I'm a Vietnam Vet that will NEVER forgive that BITCH! She is a traitor that should of lost her citizenship!


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