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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ron Paul is Nuts Period.

The picture I get of Paul is some guy that just escaped from the wacky farm. He’s a guy who will take this country in the WRONG direction… And if he’s going to be our nominee. We might as well will re-elect Barack Obama. So face it  He is NOT electable, and he’s not rooted in reality
Ron Paul is the Republican Minister J. Wright He wrote those Controversial Newsletters and we all know it. And now 12 years later he want’s to deny it?  What took him so long?
Real Conservative and Republican’ voters cannot vote for Ron Paul because he has now put on full display his dark assessment of the Republic, he is every bit as paranoid and accusation-filled as the most adamant 9/11 Truther. It is in my mind disqualifying for high office of any sort to indulge these fanatics, and that is what he did.

He might believe that the American government brought down the Towers a decade ago killing 3,000 Americans. Or perhaps he believes the Jews did it, or the Boogeyman.  But as we know that is pure nonsense.
So if you are so inclined  go ahead and vote for him , but if you do, than you are just as quacky as he is. I guess that you must like idiots.

You are signing your name to a petition of extremism and paranoia. It is an act that cannot be undone, like a pro-lifer who sends contributions to an activist who also attracts the support of one that movement’s very rare violent extremists. Joining yourself to Ron Paul now quite obviously means joining yourself to The Truther’s. Enjoy the ride, it might be your last..


  1. I have to agree. He might have had some good ideas about how to reign in the out of control government, but that has now been lost in all the lies and backtracking. What really sucks is that leaves the choice to Mittens or the Joker and that just plain sucks ass.

  2. Thank you for an excellent comment Sandy Salt.

  3. Kind of like the cousin you don't claim. Fun to party with but you don't want him around your wife and kids.

  4. Stop holding back, Irish. Tell us how you really feel.

    Ha Ha. I call old R.P. "The Facepalmer"

  5. Hee, hee I guess you know how I feel don't cha?

  6. electing paul IS electing obama. indeed, he'd probably make the far left happier than obama has, because obama has a puritan streak in him that paul lacks. under paul, u.s. culture would decline more rapidly and our foreign policy would encourage those who hate us while demoralizing those who ally with us. romney, though socially more liberal than many republicans like, at least has the virtue of encouraging judeo-christian mores, has experience in creating jobs, and recognizes the importance of protecting the u.s. and it's allies from the growing coalition coalescing against western culture and values in the face of obama's current weak leadership. paul's international leadership would be even more misguided and weak. it would hasten a new world war. internationally, ron paul = neville chamberlain.

  7. He is the opposite of Obama who just signed the NDAA after he forced congress to include American citizens in its scope and continues to entice the parasites who live off gov funds to reelect him. He did not claim things that would make him a Truther he says that that the terrorist are retaliating for actions that we have taken including 1953 when we over through a democratically elected leader to replace them with a dictator. start listening to the mans words and not the Fox translation. all the candidates are looking at the shallow answers rather than the root cause of problems fences troops to guard the border meh how about we stop making it a great place for them to come by Americans doing those jobs that we have grown to think we are too good for. Wake up our biggest weakness is our over extension of debt when attacked at home we won't be able to afford the defense we are wasting in the middle east blowing up and rebuilding to no ends. Don't believe in the constitution that was Obama that said it is archaic and outdated I don't think do I think its principles are timeless and the truth is all empires fall on their face when they run out of funds we shall be like Rome before long, start learning to speak Chinese my friend.


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