What never ceases to amaze it how the libs get up in arms, and get their panties in a wad about Bush but continually give their "boy", Obama, a "free pass"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And the winner is?


  1. Didn't know that Darth Vader was into long romantic walks along the riverbank.

  2. Yet you have to admit that the woman in the veil (that is a woman, right?) has a certain, otherworldly.

    Oh the hell with it what was I saying. I give my vote to the woman walking away from the camera.

  3. Look at the guy with his hand to his face looking through his fingers. He's saying to himself "crap, keep cool". I think he is holding back a smile.

  4. Don't ya just love summer? Or is that a winter funeral outfit?


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