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Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama Steps on Fallen Heroes' Dead Bodies for Personal Gain

 By Carol A. Taber
 On November 20, 2009, President Obam flew to Osan Air Base in South Korea to speak to American troops.  As many of the troops took pictures, Obama remarked, "You guys make a pretty good photo op."  
But this was already a pattern for Obama. 
When he made a surprise visit to Iraq several months earlier in April 2009, he ensured that everyone who had voted for him was placed up front and given a camera.  The event had to be staged...just so.
Last week, Obama continued that pattern by first telling the press and families of the 30 U.S. Special Operations troops who died in a Chinook transport helicopter trying to rescue their comrades that, when he visited Dover to be present as their caskets come home, he would not allow the press in ... and then by reversing himself without telling the families so that the press could take a picture of him in a solemn salute "honoring" the troops. A picture that was immediately distributed nationwide. The opportunity for the opportunist was just too delicious to turn down.

Does this sicken you?  It does sicken me. Can anyone imagine a tearful President George W. Bush swindling fallen troops' grief-stricken families like this?  Or any other American president?  Me neither.


  1. The guy just doesn't get it. He's an arrogant, intelligent, idiot. . . Bump

  2. Makes you wonder who is running the White house, Jarrett or Obama.


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